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A Unique Approach to Financial Risk Assessment Utilizing ML
and Bioinformatics Methods 

PredicDO Risk Scores are now available
for all public companies traded in the US

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For Securities Class Actions filed in 2023
the losses during the Class Period were $3.2 Trillion

$335 Billions were lost in single trading days

PredicDO Developed the first Class Period Prediction
to address this HUGE financial need
Our mathematical algorithm uses over 10,000 data parameters to provide Investors with the most accurate risk assessment tool. 
Public US Coverage
An innovative approach to Financial Risk Assessment covering all publicly traded companies in the US
Maximize Profitability
With PredicDO's proprietary platform, investors and Insurers can maximize profitability and avoid huge financial losses during Securities Class Period
Groundbreaking Results in Predicting Securities Class Actions:
Correlation of 0.995 and Mean Absolute Error of 0.54% (0.0054)
Based on data up to 2022, the PredicDO model predicted the SCA risk for 2023
for all companies traded in the US and compared the predictions to the actual SCA risk rates

Our innovative technology is based
on PredicDO Proprietary Database

NLP Based Data Integrator
of Data Points

PredicDO Proprietary Database

Over 3 years of Extensive Data-Science and Research

Legal Data

Company Legal Data
D&O legal &
historical data
Both plaintiff
and defendant

Executives Analysis

Current and
past executives
Executives’ past
companies since 2010
legal data

Data Analysis

Financial trends
since 2010
stock analysis
Financial ratios

Corporate Actions

Company filings
Mergers and acquisitions

Contact Us To Assess Class Period Risk for Public Companies

Investors and Insurers in public US companies -
PredicDO is here for you

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